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About Us

Availability Anytime Anywhere

People have a misconception that having access to the Internet is the ultimate solution. However, people tend to forget that getting information through a search engine is easy but attaining knowledge is tough!

This is where Book My Wizard comes into the picture with its best-in-class training and consulting services available to more people than ever before. Helping them find the right information and make informed decisions is what the platform strives for. With the widest range of categories including design, gaming, software, accounting to lifestyle, e-commerce, real estate, fitness and much more, this platform has a lot to offer.

Be inspired and get going with Book My Wizard at the rescue. Bringing its experts – Wizards to the table, the platform delivers customized knowledge solutions worldwide.

This online advice website exemplifies the availability of Human Intelligence irrespective of the place and time. Find Right Answers and Right People providing intuitive e-consulting solutions across the industry anytime anywhere.

In today's online world full of pre-recorded video lectures, Book My Wizard offers an ultimate setup to 'Go Live to Change Lives'.

Why Book My Wizard

Book My Wizard is a 'Dynamic Online Interactive' platform that can transform the lives of both knowledge seekers and possessors. This global platform is a one-stop-shop for accessible, affordable, and more convenient knowledge transfer.

Want to Learn?

Book My Wizard believes that all the people should get the help they need to thrive in their respective industry sectors. So, here's the gateway to find online consulting at affordable solutions that are aimed to revive your life and career.

The platform has a proficient team of experts on-board to outline the pain point's in-detail with comprehensive career-oriented courses & solutions. Attend online interactive sessions with the best-fit Wizards and get real-world lessons 24/7.

Receive definite satisfaction with right e-training that suits your needs and learning style. Nurture relevant and useful information at your fingertips with instant online mentoring anytime to fit your schedule.

Book My Wizard helps you in figuring out what kind of help you need and aligns you with the industry experts. Be it industry-specific courses, know-how, cracking a new skill set or just a discussion on various aspects of your life - you're at the right place.

Moreover, it enables you with live training space backed by a virtual whiteboard, doubt-solving chats, one-on-one video conference tutoring and much more.

Want to be a Wizard?

Register yourself with Book My Wizard and play a pivotal role in transforming someone's life. Select the subjects or areas you're best at and help professionals to achieve their goals. Be a member of this leading flexible talent platform that brings visibility and trust to remote work.

As an expert, your focus is to create economic opportunities for the masses by providing effective training methodologies or guiding them the right pathway to success. Depending upon your experience and acumen, Book My Wizard empowers you to match the connecting dots that help people to walk the right path.

From Textbook Solutions, Expert Q&A to Video Explanations and Practice Problems, you can impart knowledge at its best. Being a freelance consultant, you experience diverse situations where people are stuck in and they need an expert to simplify their problems.

Be a one-to-one mentor or a catalyst of being a conversational expert on this global digital-first knowledge-centric platform. Right from giving quick advice or getting indulged in a series of interactive online sessions - the objective is to add value to people's life. Help people in gaining expertise step-by-step and be at the forefront of productivity and earnings.

Meet the Founder

Mr. Farooq Haque, with 22 years of coaching experience, entered the E-coaching industry in 2014 and since then he's intending to roll out solutions that speak 'Effectiveness, Timeliness, and Reliability'.

The idea of developing an online training platform came from the spark when Mr. Haque analyzed the difficulties faced by the students, professionals, and people across the globe. This spark was enough to design a disruptive model that empowers everyone to embrace technology seamlessly.

Connecting knowledge explorers and proprietors in real-time, he curated this global platform to deliver and manage live and self-paced mentoring with easy-to-use, scalable and cost-effective technology.

Apart from all this, he's a Chartered Accountant by profession and the driving force behind online counseling and coaching platforms viz. www.fhconline.in., www.yoedutech.com, www.taxolawgy.com, and www.businessfuels.in. He's a man with diversified experience in providing top-quality coaching services to Finance students for more than two decades.

Philosophy: Interactive | Best-in-Class | Consistent

Knowledge has always been the key to unlock the doors to success and Book My Wizard believes in the same. The platform is consistently focusing on relevancy, timeliness, and value of knowledge and moving forward with its quality consulting services worldwide.

The platform is here to alleviate career, enhance lifestyle, and minimize stress with its exclusive knowledge-sharing facilities. With its exceptional and well-crafted premium quality e-training modules, backed by the wizards - it's all set to help people meet their personal and professional goals.

With its knacks to cater to diverse needs of the people, Book My Wizard takes necessary steps to present the sessions and industry-oriented courses, in an easy and interactive way. It's working with a philosophy to spread e-training, urgent support, and advice in such a way that people achieve high distinction in every assignment and presentation they perform.

The platform is built to encourage effective online mentoring, guidance, and quality training with comprehensive assistance and state-of-the-art technologies. Prioritizing a rich on-demand consulting experience, Book My Wizard wants to be a prominent source of advanced learning solutions.

Vision: Impactful | Personalized | Collaborative

Book My Wizard is striving with a vision to create impactful learning opportunities for everyone with its one-to-one consulting methodologies. It wants to overcome conventional training solutions and be a host of personalized e-consulting experience.

Consulting, mentoring, and training are the three broad elements through which we intend to design user-centric online solutions. The platform offers high-quality online sessions and ensures that hand-picked training is available to all. On the other hand, it focuses on providing professionals with the right answers on industry-specific skill sets and courses.

The idea is to build a highly user-interactive platform that is affordable and accessible to everyone. It's putting its best foot forward in offering web-based learning – to-the-point, useful, time-saving and relevant.

The platform is on a mission to bridge the gap between learners and learned with its one-to-one e-learning sessions. Customized interactive solutions have become the need of the hour and introducing people to these solutions is a serious business at Book My Wizard.

Acknowledging responsive mentoring as one of the significant factors of human intelligence, it's continuously endeavoring to meet communal requirements with all-inclusive online sessions.

The platform is stirring collaborative training with its exhaustive online features and creating a learning environment full of satisfaction, talent, flexibility, and distinction.