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A Cup of Tea can be an answer to your problems

Book My Wizard is a platform where you can get solutions to all your problems. Today we will be discussing the topic of Tea. Tea is a beverage that is the second most consumable drink in the world. It recorded that the origin of tea was in 59 B.C in China, it may have originated earlier. As a tea novice, I did much research on web pages but it was not satisfactory to me until and unless I met one expert who was an experienced tea taster.

Tea comes under the most enjoyed beverages across the World. Did you know the fact that Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, and Pu’erh come from the same plant? Astounding isn’t it?  There are a few basic steps for tea processing. Plucking is the first step, then Withering, which helps the leaves to soften and wilt. Rolling, where the leaves leave their juices and get in shape, Oxidising, which is the crucial part and finally, Drying.

How Oxidising Works???

The oxidizing process plays an important part when it comes to processing tea. You can get a deep knowledge of the experts of tea professionals.

White Tea:- It is the unprocessed tea that doesn't go through the oxidizing process. It may get oxidized a bit naturally. White tea is the newest born leaves in Tea bush. You can simply pluck and wither it for a day or two. It looks like pale yellow or green in color leaving a very delicate aroma and flavor.

Green Tea - It has a bittersweet taste. It goes through a withered and rolling process after plucking.  Oxidation is prevented when the fresh leaves are steam in a hot temperature which also prevents the leaves from browning through the enzymes. It also tastes like nutty, buttery, floral, fruity, swampy, oceanic, buttery, etc.

Oolong Tea: It has a time-consuming process. It includes all the basic steps to produce Oolong tea. A repetitive way of oxidation takes place. It may take a course for many hours or one day to produce this tea. Due to repetitive oxidization, it has a different smooth flavor and aroma.

Black Tea: It undergoes all the basic five steps. The oxidation process is only for one time only {single batch}. It is made only in one day and the color varies from red, brown to black. Mostly used with milk and sugar.

Pu’erh Tea: The process of making this tea is totally different from other teas. It is pure art. It undergoes the fermentation process. Like wine, the older the leaves the better the taste. It has a very smooth taste and an earthy aroma.

Benefits of Consuming Tea: There are many types of teas. Each tea has its own benefits. It can boost up your energy, immunity, helps in digestion, anxiety, blood pressure, and a lot more. There are a few examples that are given by specialists and excerpts in the tea profession.

Green Tea: It prevents heart diseases, increases fat burning, improves brain function.

Lavender Tea: If you have mood swings, then lavender tea is the best option for you. It is also helpful in headaches, sprain, toothache, etc.

Hibiscus Tea: Problem with your liver, then hibiscus tea can prevent it. It helps to fight bacteria and promotes weight loss as well.

Ginseng Tea: It balances the blood sugar level. Also, improves Erectile Dysfunction.

Eucalyptus Tea: This tea is really helpful to fight with respiratory infections. It plays a great role to prevent dry skin

Chamomile Tea:  If you are insomniac, then Chamomile is an amazing option to reduce stress and enable better sleep.

Cinnamon Tea: It helps to improve digestion and is loaded with antioxidants.

Lemongrass Tea: Most of the people have cholesterol and blood pressure issues. Lemongrass can show amazing results in lowering it.

Ginger Tea: It reduces inflammation, nausea, stress. Few drops of lemon juice give more effective results.

Turmeric Tea: It boosts immune function and very helpful in period cramps.

Fennel Tea:
It helps to reduce acid flux, great in digestion, treats bloating, gas, menstrual cramps, etc 

Peppermint Tea: It helps to improve digestion and ease nausea. It provides so much refreshment.

There are many more benefits of consuming tea. Experts also suggest the combination of few teas like green, ginger, and cinnamon can boost energy, Turmeric, black pepper, ginger, fennel helps to boost immunity, and many more.

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony is mostly celebrated in Japan and China. It evolves under the influence of Zen Buddhism. The motive of this ceremony is to maintain the balance between nature and the human soul. Just like we celebrate Christmas, New year, Thanksgiving, People celebrate Tea Ceremony. The unique thing in this celebration is that there is no specific day or date to celebrate this. A group of people invited to the tea house, all the tools are cleansed. We need to take off our shoes outside the house and sit on the ground which shows our respect to Mother Earth. Tea is prepared on the samovar and because of silence, the sound of samovar feels like music for meditation. Nobody is allowed to speak inside the house.  When the tea is served by the master, everyone silently takes sips of tea and listen to the music of nature.  Meditation helps to reduce negative emotions. We become more focused to present and a lot more. We should make tea ceremony a part of our life, it can be a life-changer in today’s World.

How Book My Wizard Plays a Vital Role here???

Most of the people are
novices when it comes to tea. There are some amazing benefits of consuming tea, which we don’t know. Searching on the internet only provides us loads of data. An experienced professional can give us relevant answers without wasting our time. Taking a proper consultancy from an expert can make wonders around us. The knowledge we gain from them expands around our space. Book My wizard bridges the gap here, the live consultancy helps to lift up our life. We can learn more about the benefits of tea by taking a proper one to one guidance from an expert and implement in our daily life. Knowing about Tea culture can be very helpful to improve our immunity, boosts our energy in this pandemic.