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All you need to know about Traditional Consulting & On Go Consulting

Consulting is a very important prospect which benefits both the consultant and the one who needs consultation.  Book my wizard just put their best step forward with their Unique On the Go consulting feature. Traditional consulting had made itself available in the market and has been helpful for millions to date. But as interesting the term on go consulting sounds it power packs some features which leave traditional consulting sulking behind. Today we will witness the battle of traditional consulting vs on go consulting, may the best consulting win:

1. Availability for reference

Round one begins with the availability material (Either audio, video or readable) for reference. What happens when you are stuck somewhere, like writing a program, design your own furniture or perhaps even teaching a trick to your dog? A regular person will definitely lookout for some solution online. Perhaps a video that might help them write a program right from a scratch or perhaps even design their own furniture in creative ways which were never been done. This type of consulting which has to be done right from scratch is better if it’s done the traditional way as it includes all lessons starting form how to begin and how to end it in the same resource available.

Whereas on go consulting is different. It does not have such online resources available from first but it tends to give a solution when in need only.




Traditional Consulting 1:0 On Go Consulting

2. Answers only to the questions you need to be answered

Now, this is where things get interesting. What if you do not want the entire solution? What if you just need a part of it? Traditional consulting will give you audio or video lectures of entire lengths that are not needed at times as it takes a lot of time in finding a solution to just a particular problem of your need. For e.g. if you are stuck while cooking and need an immediate solution. Going through the entire video will just ruin your already cooked food. It is important here to get the solution As soon as possible to not ruin the work you are doing. Traditional consulting will not help here at all. On go consulting by Book My Wizard is definitely the one thing that will help you out in dire situations like the one mentioned above. Book my wizard consists of online wizards or experts in their own domain who are ready to help anyone who desires by just logging in to their app or website. So this round clearly goes to On Go Consulting of course making the scores level.




Traditional Consulting 1:1 On Go Consulting

3. The cost!

Now imagine this. You want a piece of cake but for that, you have to buy an entire cake. Doesn’t sound fair now does it? Similarly, it is unfair for a user to buy an entire course if you want to explore only a part of it. Traditional consulting does the same thing, as a user has to buy the entire package at times just to get a simple solution that is just a part of it.

This is exactly where Book My Wizard comes to the rescue. It helps the user choose a wizard who deals just with the particular problem to which he/she needs the solution. No need for spending a humongous amount of money on the things you don’t need anymore.

Time is money too. So when you allow yourself to get access to just the solution you need you to save an ample amount of time too. This time can be further invested in doing something more productive helping you gain more profits too in the process.



Traditional Consulting 1:2 On Go Consulting


Benefits the Consultants directly

Sometimes a consultant doesn’t even get the appreciation they deserve in the form of direct payments. Traditional consulting ways basically have the steps involved. So when you even buy a how to fix it a book, you are paying someone who pays to the wizard cutting the intermediary fees in between.

With On Go Consulting, it is not the same. In fact, it is the safest and free of any hidden fees sort of consulting website and app which allows free flow of knowledge maintaining utmost transp.


Therefore, round number three goes also to On Go Consulting, and the new King of the ring is On Go consulting! Who takes a lead by 2 points to take away the match 3:1. Both users and wizards can register themselves here free of cost and find a solution to a problem or perhaps even deliver a solution to someone in urgent need. On Go Consulting is the brainchild of the creators of Bookmywizard and is sure to take the world of online consulting to a new level never reached or seen before. Still think Traditional consulting is better, got some more points for us? Well we are more than happy to hear about it. Comment your opinions in the comment box and subscribe if you liked the blog above.