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BookMyWizard Online Platform: A Lot More than a Video Conferencing App

Thanks to technology, e-learning is a platform that comes with immense convenience & maximum reach. Gone are the days when you had to rely on traditional classrooms or spend long hours searching the internet. This is where BookMyWizard stands out to be a disruptor in the online training & consulting domain. Having the top-rated online consultants on board, the BMW platform offers a comprehensive solution for knowledge seekers across the globe.

Blending quality tutoring with state-of-the-art technology, we take pride in creating the most effective yet seamless online platform.  This post highlights the finer aspects of how the BMW platform offers the best online training for the learners. While apps like Zoom, Skype, and Cisco WebEx rule the online meeting domain, none of them is a dedicated tutorial platform.

With power-packed features that go beyond the conventional video conferencing tools, we have an all-inclusive & easy-to-use platform. Be it a student, working professional, mother, freelancer, startup, or even an established MNC- we have got you covered!

How BookMyWizard adds value to our life?

Robust Technology

Technology plays a leader's role in designing this robust online training platform. With complex integrations, massive database, and yet a seamless frontend - BookMyWizard connects you with the best online tutoring experts. The wizard makes the optimum use of the tools available in-store that makes every session fruitful and memorable.

The best part about the platform is you can reach out to countless people - whenever you need, whomever you need. Managing paid promotions is not required as BookMyWizard has a far broader reach as it knits people across the globe.

Infinite Learning

For the learners, we have the widest range of courses, sessions, interactive discussions, and projects. We complement the other side by having the best online tutoring experts who bring in unmatched expertise. Not only the educators come with vetted experience, but the courses are also highly-structured & result-oriented.

Connecting to a lifestyle expert online for a quick chat or assigning a project to the top-rated freelancers - the choice is yours! Every time a knowledge seeker searches for a skill set, the platform filters the most relevant & best online experts. This is the world's first-ever online interactive platform that enhances lifestyle, alleviates career, & eliminate stress from your life. Creating 1:1 consulting sessions builds up the trust that eventually leads to the experience of a personalized e-consulting ecosystem.

 Bundled Application

The BookMyWizard online learning platform is an integration of features that offers a comprehensive solution to all your leaning needs. Once a learner logs into their profile, they get unlimited access to built-in screen sharing, whiteboard, doubt-solving charts, session recordings & much more! We call it a 'Dynamic Online Interactive' learning platform as we set up a live session - every time!

Secured Payment

We have kept the spotlight on designing user-centric online solutions. Payment is a crucial component and hence we have taken utmost care to make it secure and authentic. While creating the user profile, we ask for the card details that are hidden from public viewing.

Once a learner completes a session, the amount is debited from their account and the wizard gets the payment. You don't need to worry about bank transfers, follow-ups, or even thinking if your money is wrongly debited. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you in case of any dispute.

Possibilities are Infinite

With countless benefits, the vision is to create impactful learning opportunities as well as maximize global networking. More than just collaboration, we are responsible to give you the exact right fit. Extensive research, comprehensive planning, & flawless execution have made BookMyWizard the most talked about online tutorial platform worldwide. We endeavour to make a huge difference in your life that makes you happy, empowered, & confident.