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How Book My Wizard (Global Consulting Platform) is different from the freelancing platform?

Many of us are baffled between a consultant and a freelancer. Book My Wizard "On The Go Consulting Platform" the Netiquette to deliver knowledge around the globe through one to one live video sessions. During the search of experts all over the world, we have faced this particular question a number of times from the people concerned. Is it a freelancing platform? The two terms are different, but one thing is the common "Services." Yes, yes! Both of them offer services to qualified applicants.  We live in a digital age, where we use the internet for online shopping, gaming, watching movies, web shows, official meetings, and much more. During this pandemic, the working culture has also shifted, people are working from home and using a digital network to communicate and function. In the same way, we are also partnering with many consultants and freelancers to make our lives a success. So let’s talk about the difference between both powerful resources.


Who's a professional freelancer? - Freelancers are self-employed individuals who, on a contract basis, take over projects from you. For example, they may be a digital marketer, a developer, a blogger, a copywriter, content creator, graphic designer, translator, PR, photographer, voice-over artist, etc. They work according to their abilities.  In their professional lives, they have their own influence. They operate remotely from their own comfort and select the job on an hourly basis or with some deadlines. But they still have some challenges, such as not being paid. There's no security. What does the Book My Wizard consultant do? - First and foremost, who are the consultants? A consultant helps you overcome your problems and directs you towards achievement. They provide advice to a specific group or individual. There is a huge difference between a freelancer and a consultant. 


1. Book My Wizard consultants have problem-solving skills that will help you solve all your problems as there are experts under one roof in every area. 


2. As they have the experience after witnessing it through life and their challenges, we call our consultants experts and they are happy to share it with you through one to one live video sessions. They are the illuminators who enlighten you with information that is not bookish or on the internet. It comes through their experience.


3. They will look deep into your problems and provide you the best guidance. They are like freelancers but no freelancer. A consultant will provide you solutions, strategies, training, etc to help you to move forward and achieve success rather than taking projects. 


4. There are thousands of specialists on Book My Wizard in every field with their level of expertise. They have stronger perspectives, experience, and skills. They are impartial and positively work on you. 


5. You pay a consultant who takes you from your current position to enter the desired place. The only thing you pay for here is what is worth it. To know them well and plan to take more advice, you can communicate with them and take free 15-minute sessions as a New User.


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