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How does sound healing work? Take A Live Video Session with Bookmywizard Expert

Sound healing is one of the ancient ways to cure mental and physical disorders. In today’s world, it may look like a new form of therapy but it is believed that it is used from ancient Greek times. At Book My Wizard, we are bringing such trained practitioners who will be helping you to provide knowledge about sound healing and will even help you by providing this same therapy. Best of all, you don’t have to visit personally to these experts they will help you through one-to-one personalized video sessions. Let us know more about sound healing therapy and how does it work. 

What is sound healing?

The question itself carries its answer. Sound healing is a healing process with the help of sounds. In ancient times sound helped people to work faster and promote morality. Sound healing is used to heal the body. We, humans, have a natural instinct towards the sound. Think about your favorite song and listen to it now, you will observe how it will change your mood faster. Some music may make you feel sad as it takes you to the zone of sadness and makes you emotional, whereas some music can make you feel stronger, just like when you work out at the gym. The music will make you feel more active.

 How does it work?

Most of the practitioners use one-to-one sessions to provide this therapy. For the treatment of emotional and physical conditions, different types of sounds are used. There are different forms of sound healing therapy. Some use music, voices of people, or objects sounds from forks and gongs. An expert knows very well which therapy can be used to achieve faster healing results. Sound can change frequencies from the energy of guilt and fear to the higher energy of love and happiness.

A session could include sitting down, lying down, listening to music and sounds. You may be encouraged by singing, moving or even using a musical instrument depending on your method, or you may need to be silent and quiet to enhance the sounds.

Healing Instruments

There are different sounds used for this therapy. Along with there are many healing instruments used for healing therapy.

1. Singing bowls

2. Tuning forks
3. Pan flute
4. Harp
5. Drums
6. Forks

Following  are the benefits of sound healing therapy.

nxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia, autism spectrum disorder and learning difficulties, behavioral and psychiatric disorders, cancer. It helps to lowers stress, mood swings, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, teaches pain management, lowers risk for coronary artery disease and stroke, and improves sleep.

As there are many different kinds of sound cures, each offers many advantages that enhance your well-being, energy, and performance. At Book My Wizard you can achieve a new goal towards happiness. Sign up for free and get a free session with an expert across the globe. Think about what you want from your experience of sound healing. This helps to pick a few and you will be able to decide exactly what sound treatment is most effective for you once you've experimented with a few. For more information contact us at