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How to get your website up on Google Search? Get a free live session with experts now.

Is your website new? Or has it been around for a while without reaching the desired penetration? Do you think that it is tough to get your website up on Google Search? No need to worry. At Book My Wizard you can get a free live session with experts who will help your website show up on Google Search Engine. A one-to-one live session will help you know the facts - How Google works, what the algorithm is, how to make the robot crawl your website, how to be good at SEO, and a lot more. Get to learn the tips and tricks in order to get your website ranked higher in the search results. You can even clear any kind of doubts you have in the one-to-one session with the experts.

Let us know a few important facts about Google Search Engine and how it works. How can you upload your site to Google Search? Before publishing your website, follow a few important steps-

1. Always make sure that your content is relevant to the website category. Google bots are way too smart than you think.

2. It must be search engine optimized (both on-page and off-page SEO).

3. Use Metadata and Alt Text.

4. Use the images in the right way to avoid loading lags.

5. Optimizing the speed of your website also matters. It must be user-friendly. After your content is ready, the very first step to publishing your website is to register with Google Search Console. Then you have two choices to submit your website. One, you can add an updated sitemap to your Google account. Second, you can submit an indexing request at Google Search Console where you can allow Google to fetch your URL. These will help Google to recognize your site quickly. You can also get a better understanding about uploading a website by connecting with the experts at Book My Wizard. Get step-by-step guidance for the same with a free live session.

How Google Works?

Google uses their bots which crawl on the internet, where they detect new updates on the sites or a new site. They gather all kinds of information and do the indexing process. You must let the bots crawl your website. Don’t forget to do backlinking. It helps to signal Google about your valuable content. Your SEO ranking can go high faster. Google has an algorithm that includes many factors like content value, images, keywords, quality of websites and links, social media factors, etc. Your content should be fresh and relevant, these two points play a very important part to make your website rank higher. Do your website listing properly. Social media also plays a major part. To learn more about getting your website ranked higher, you can connect with the experts live at Book My Wizard. Get a free one-to-one live session with them and experience the best relevant and amazing solutions. You can ask whatever queries you have and get a clear path towards your success. For more information, you can email us at