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How to magnify your business negotiation skills? Get A Live Video Session.

Learn to magnify your business negotiation skills at Book My Wizard “On the Consulting Platform” with the help of the experts who will provide you the best tactics to achieve your goals authentically. As we have discussed the listening and communication skills on our previous blog, here we will know the most important business skill which is negotiating skill. Are you afraid that you won’t get the deal? Lose track of what you really want to achieve or you don’t like certain clients but still need to work with them? Our experts will help you out and teach you via one-to-one personalized video sessions by proving authentic and relevant solutions that will magnify your interpersonal skills like listening, communication, negotiation, decision making, and problem-solving.

Whether you are up to signing up for a multi-billion project with the client or want to make a business collaboration, signup for free at Book My Wizard and get inspired to polish your skillset. What exactly you want from the client? How much you are willing to accept? Let us talk about some negotiating tips which will help you to achieve success and get the biggest edge you can get on your work life.

Preparation- Preparation is the first step. Always remember the one who prepares is one step closer to winning. Know if the person is the right one to decide with whom you are negotiating. The person’s values and what are their expectation. Connect with an expert to enhance these business skills. Figure out what exactly you want from your client and what you can lose if the deal doesn’t work. Always put your needs into clear words with clear understanding.

Creativity- Always have a creative approach. Make a way that can be profitable for both. Never negotiate everything. Have a big vision. Look at a long-term profitable client rather than short-term.

 Mirroring- Try to use the keywords which your client is using. This helps to build trust.  Be it verbal or non-verbal communication. Always remember not to overuse any specific tactics else it could become creepy and weird. Always behave naturally. Be genuinely interested in the other side’s expectations.

Tactical Empathy - It is one of the valuable tools. It builds perception against the mutual gamers. Use intimidation, extreme demands, and even unethical actions to try and take over the negotiating process.

Smart Work - Have control on your side. Only smart people look for a good trade-off. So be smart, good efforts lead to great outcomes. Structure your sell correctly and reach the call the action of the shot. Don’t beg. Learn to lead and change the approach when it is required.

Backup Plan- Never bluff or walk away. Always have a back plan with quality, price, and time to deliver when required. Reality is always negotiable. Follow the BATNA rule - Best alternative to a negotiated agreement.

Negotiation is a mixture of sales and therapy. Meet Subho to polish your skills. At Book My Wizard you can learn a lot about this skill and much more. Take one-to-one live video sessions with the best experts across the globe. Sign up for free and get the first 15 minutes session free.  It is all about give and take. Never give anything without getting anything in return. We will be discussing the decision-making skills on our upcoming blogs. Connect us at to get more information.