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How to spruce up your Listening skills? Get a Live Video Session with Bookmywizard Expert.

Achieving or spruce up your listening skills or enriching them provides a great benefit to you throughout your career. Listening comes under Interpersonal skills. At Book My Wizard "On the Go Consulting Platform," you will be helped with great achievements by the best experts, whom we call wizards. Your everyday life is influenced by communication. Be it in building career relationships or be it in establishing personal relationships. We are here to shed light on your future by building on your expertise by developing your listening skills which is one of the important pillars of Interpersonal skills sitting anywhere in this world through one-to-one live video sessions.

What are Interpersonal Skills?

What do you first think when you hear the word “Interpersonal skills?” There is a very simple answer to this. It is face-to-face communication where you share information, feelings verbally or non-verbally. At Book My Wizard you can connect with more than 1000+ experts just by sitting anywhere to enhance your skills. The main motive is to help you to develop your conversation with the people you work with. We all know that an average person can say 100 - 175 words per minute but when it comes to listening, a person can listen to 600 - 800 words per minute. Here the brain moves faster. There are many types of interpersonal skills like:

  1. Listening.
  2. Verbal Communication. 
  3. Non- Verbal communication.
  4. Negotiating.
  5. Problem Solving.
  6. Decision making.

On this blog, you will get to know about how to be a good listener and you will also learn about other skills in the upcoming blogs. You can get the best guidance from experts at Book My Wizard, who will help you to achieve great success just by giving one to one live video sessions that are personalized. Cultural Influence is where there is a language barrier between the people you work with. Some may understand your language but some of them do not have English as their native language. So it is necessary to be conscious whenever you listen to get better clarification. 

How to Be a Good Listener?

Do you the difference between listening and hearing? Hearing is when you just hear sounds and not actively participating in the conversation. To be a good listener you should have good listening skills which require active participation, understanding the conversation through a conscious mind. Following are few tips that you can follow at your workplace. 

  1. Listen with full attention.
  2. Ask questions respectfully with closed, open, and purposeful questions. 
  3. Summarize or paraphrase and use few words of the speaker to make the conversation more engaged.
  4. Use of proper non-verbal communication.

Good listening skills will make you sound intelligent while in conversation. It will improve your communication skills and you can communicate with the words that make sense. You can be a better leader, better employee, co-worker by developing your listening skills. Connect with Roberta from the United States on our platform who will guide you to the right path with authentic and relevant solutions. 

Need to know more? You can connect with more experts at Book My Wizard who will give you great knowledge that is not even shared in books or webpages. What are you waiting for? Sign up for free and post a free query. You can do practice sessions where the experts will guide you and look after you through live personalized video sessions. For more information, you can connect us via email On the next blog, you will also come to know about verbal and non-verbal communication in interpersonal skills.