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Know the Fastest Way to become a pro copywriter. Consult an expert through personalized video sessions.

At Book My Wizard, you will get to know the fastest way of becoming a pro copywriter in the advertising Industry through one to one live video sessions. There are several advertising styles; the most popular are Display, Video, Mobile, and Native. The advertising industry is a worldwide business that connects and acts as a medium between the manufactures and the consumers. In this industry, a copywriter plays an important part to convert the prospect’s eyeballs into leads and leads into customers.

Great advertisements turn your prospects into a potential customer. People are more aware of advertising now. A traditional sales line is an immense waste of time for your prospects. Make sure you are crafting your ads correctly. You can learn to render Google Ad words, Facebook advertising, display ads, video ads, billboards, and a lot more at Book My Wizard very easily. Let us know a few tips to make your advertising a valuable consideration for the ideal consumer.


Constructing your ads correctly - Use proper punctuation, periods, spaces, paragraphs, bullet points, etc. when you construct your ads. Don’t make lengthy ads it should be concise and can be instantly understandable.

Don’t Beg – Never ask, ask, and ask while copywriting. The style of asking is wrong. Always give people instead of asking. Start giving and you will see the results in a positive curve.

Mental ads rewrite – Research on the competitor websites and ads and try to figure out how you can make it better. Start making a folder, keep the ideas that are trending. This will help you when you go through creative blocks or run out of ideas. This tip also helps you to learn new things.

Generate Curiosity- As we all know – A First impression is everything. Make the scroll stopping ads copy to have their attention. Most of the ads fail as they don’t include curiosity in their writings and it unable to capture the heart and mind of your prospects. Your ads should make your prospects go Wow! You can take a one-to-one live video session with the expert to know more about how to generate curiosity.

Clarity - The ads which don’t lead to a relevant destination is a bad ad. Try not to create any confusion in your writing. Make a good authentic and relevant story or information. Another important thing is to state the benefits, not the features.

Call To Action (CTA) - What you need from a consumer is very important. Do you want them to buy your product or want them to be aware of something or you want them to sign? Always add CTA with a prosper button where you want your consumer to click.

Congruence – There must be a congruence overlapping between the ads you write and the sales offer you provide. It must land into the conclusion which is beneficial, if not prospects will feel betrayed and ambushed. Traffic and conversion are two different things, which is why congruence is necessary. 

Compliance – Always know how the algorithm works and keep in mind what you can do and what you cannot do while copywriting.

Conclusion- Last but not least. If you want to get personal guidance or have a query related to the advertising industry you can connect with one of our best experts- Carlo. G ( who can provide you the best solutions through one-to-one live video sessions only at Book My Wizard. Post a query for free, and as a new user, you can get the first 15 minutes session free. For more information connect us at