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Online Consulting – Is it profitable and how can you start?

An executive is all set to lose out on his promotion because he failed to impress his Japanese delegation; reason being he was not well versed with their culture which led to serious misunderstandings. This cost the executive his promotion and his firm a million-dollar deal. Could this have been averted? Yes. How, there were no experts to found in his city who could have guided him about Japanese culture? How he wished there was a problem solving method at his fingertips. The best method he could have applied is online consulting. Had the executive consulted an expert on Japanese culture via online call, the expert could have assessed the problem at hand and trained him with accuracy. Thus the executive could have avoided the outcome arising due to his inadvertence.

Definition of Online Consulting and the How Expert Advice is important?

  • Online consulting is contacting your consultant via e-mail or an online call/ video call. Many a times the consultant you are looking for may not be based in your town or country, even if he is, he may not be free at your time of convenience; thus it is always beneficial to go in for online consulting. You can schedule a call with your consultant/wizard from the comforts of your home and they can answer it from their place of convenience. Online consulting brings the solution seekers and solution providers community closer and connects them globally.
  • To be successful one need not only be intelligent but one needs to be smart as well. An intelligent person is not one who has all the answers to his queries but one who knows the person who can give him the best solution to his queries. The person who has the best solution to your queries may not be in the same city, or the same country or same time zone as you. What will you do then? Settle for a lesser solution and suffer losses or rather reach out to the expert who has the perfect solution to your problems. With online consultation, you can reach your consultant anywhere on this globe, regardless of which time zone he/she is in. With online consultation, you get the perfect solution for your queries and you can avoid facing losses. You can schedule a video call and get live solutions from the expert in real-time. Seek solutions on a one on one session with the expert.

Benefits of Online Consulting: -

  • Online consulting connects the solution seekers to the solution providers globally. To be successful one must never compromise on quality, always go for the best, be it putting in efforts or seeking expert advice. Now a solution seeker located in the interiors of India can connect with a solution provider based in LA and get answers/ seek solutions to his problem. Online consultation gives you an opportunity to connect with the best. Timely and accurate advice can save you from losing promotions or even your face.
  • You can schedule an online video call/ one on one session with your consultant from the comforts of your office or home to anywhere in the world. You thus have access to the best advisers/ consultants who will give you the perfect solution to your queries yielding the best results. Get the best professional help at the click of your fingertips.
  • The seekers and providers are both benefited by online consulting. The seekers get the perfect solutions to their queries and are saved from facing losses. The providers get to globally connect with the seekers and thereby expand their consultancy beyond boundaries and they can also earn their consultation fees.

Requirements for Consultants: -

  • Any person with a reasonably good knowledge about any subject and having a problem solving assessment ability can become an online consultant. A problem solving approach works in favour of becoming an astute consultant. One may not have a professional degree about the same but may be a wiz in that field. All you require is the passion to learn and evolve and in the process also a willingness to help others. You can schedule a one on one video call with your solution seeker and offer him the best possible solution to his query. One must have thorough knowledge/ expertise in a said subject even though his/ her educational or professional qualifications may be totally different and unrelated to the said subject.
  • Why online video call is necessary? Take a situation where a person is suffering from acute anxiety at midnight and needs help of a life coach. The person is unable to visit the Life Coach as it’s late in the night and he/ she does not have a conveyance. When the person feels everything closing in on him and his only hope is his life coach, he connects with his life coach via a video call. The Life Coach is able to the physical condition of the seeker in real time and is able to assess the kind of therapy he/she would require. The Life Coach thus advises the required therapy and also speaks to the seeker on a one on one session thereby calming him/ her down.

Online Consultancy: -

  • It’s very easy and quick to book online session with a solution provider. All you need to do is identify the problem and then choose the expert/ consultant best suited to give you the perfect solution to your problem based on the provider’s profile. Making payments for the sessions is convenient too with the availability of many online payment platforms. The consultation fees will be directly deposited to the account of the provider.
  • For the solution providers, the more they take up online consultations the more queries they would receive. A lot depends on positive feedback from solution seekers, their rating the providers and also their reviews. Better ratings will ensure more consultation requests. Word of mouth publicity works wonders for any professional. Better ratings and positive feedback creates a positive image of the provider in the minds of the seekers. They keep aside their apprehensions and approach the provider and place their confidence in the providers that they will come up with the perfect solution. Getting more consultation requests totally depends on the ratings of the solution providers. The consultation fees will also vary as per the ratings and reviews of the consultant.