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What is the hardest part when you start drawing?

What is the most difficult aspect of drawing when you are just starting out? How can you become a pro in drawing? What do you do when you first pick up your pencil or pen and come face to face with a blank sheet of paper? You visualize, which is one of the most difficult parts of putting your vision on that blank piece of paper. There is a significant difference between the image you create in your head and the one you create in reality. You know exactly what you want to achieve but the biggest challenge comes when you don’t know where to start, which line should be your baseline. And here your brain starts freaking out and you end up as a failed artist. But always keep this in mind “every expert, artist or professional was once a failed person”. Every problem has a solution and an expert can be the best guide to guide you in the right direction. Book My Wizard is a global platform where you can seek all kinds of advice from the best experts across the globe just sitting at your home. Take one-to-one live video sessions with the experts by posting free queries to them. The experts will get back to you and you will get all the answers you want.

In this blog, you will learn how an expert can assist you with the problems you encounter while drawing. Every artist has a unique drawing style. Nobody can imagine the same thing at the same time. We all have different ways of creating things in our heads because we were raised in different environments and spaces. Here are a few pieces of expert advice that you can use when you first start drawing.

We all know what is tracing. The easiest way to draw something is to trace the image and draw it. It is easy but it is not yours. Your efforts are less, drawing is clean but in the end, you won’t be called to be an artist. There is a big no when it comes to tracing an image. Your efforts and experience will make you a pro.

When a child goes to school the first thing they learn from a teacher is structural drawing. This type of drawing is very helpful for beginners. You can analyze the subject and draw it with the structure guidelines. If you have an analytical mind then this is the best thing you can start with. You need a focused mind and a lot of practice. Once your hand and mind start working together you can be a pro.

Visualization - The hardest part which we already read at the start of the blog. Create an image that you want to draw on the sheet. Take references from other images. Internet is the best option for this. Try to draw the outlines of the image and start practicing it again and again. Once you are good at this process, try to draw the image without any real references. Try to understand the image naturally and start drawing it. It may be a complex process but eventually, you will get the results you want. After all, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

Conclusion - You will learn from your mistakes. That is how nature works. Create your ideas; draw the elements of the subject. You may end up with a messier result at first but with the help of an expert you will get good guidance and you can learn even faster. This world has become very competitive for talented people. To reach your goal you need to be under the guidance of a good expert. Sign Up at Book My Wizard for free, post your queries and take free sessions with the expert. They are ready to help you with all your issues. For more information, you can email us at