Cancellation Policy | BookMyWizard

Cancellation Policy

Book My Wizard has a Code complying Violations Policy showcasing certain rules, laws, and regulations. Breach of the same or offensive conduct can lead to punitive action including cancellation, account suspension, and/or termination.     

The preceding paragraphs withstand:

  • Confidential information abuse and/or participation in unlawful practices
  • Acts of harassment, tormenting, defame and stalk displayed
  • Fake, defamatory, misleading, information/content/service created or offered
  • Intentionally or unintentionally used the site data for fraudulent purposes or any other monetary gains
  • Information upload containing cancelbots, disrupted files, and malware that can overstrain the processes of any device
  • Attempting unauthorized site access
  • Act to impersonate credentials
  • Uploading similar or duplicate content/materials/services
  • Spamming and/or advertising
  • Legal or Intellectual Property rights infringement
  • Ignoring or not responding to account verification requests
  • Creation of multiple accounts
  • Illegal fund transfer or unauthorized exchange of money
  • Generating false feedback or exaggerated references to any individual and/or service offered
  • Obtaining lists and uploading unsolicited information/content/material/service

Bidding and Contact Specifications

The code applies to Users as well as Wizards. Any use of the Code, in its sole will, found unfit for the platform will propose cancellation of the account with or without prior notice.

For User

Asking Wizards to offer private contact details will be considered as a serious transgression. A User should connect and communicate with the service only through the official platform features and regulatory procedures.

A User, when found under-bidding on any particular project intending to renegotiate payment privately or avoid the charges, will have to face the consequence of immediate account termination.

Users need to ensure the 1st 15-minute timing as it highlights a free trial. Cancellation requests will only be entertained before this stint. Users have no permission to opt-out of a session after the session exceeds this 15-min stint. Also, the charges payable would include the total bid amount.

For Wizards

The Wizards have a provision to cancel the bid if they are not available for any specific reason. They should undertake the project willing to complete. Uncertainty in completion of the same will result in termination of services accordingly.

An individual would no longer be a Wizard if found involved in projects involving or promoting illicit behaviour. The site strictly prohibits personal attacks, negativity, biased criticism, or unprofessional demeanor from a Wizard.

Account Cancellation/Suspension/Termination under this Agreement will enclose liability for certain fees to whomsoever it may concern. One has no claim whatsoever against our regulations concerning such cancellations and terminations.