Sharing your knowledge with others is Best Satisfaction at Bookmywizard

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Sharing your knowledge with others is Best Satisfaction

Let people know how you make a difference in their lives with your knowledge and experience of life. Join the online brigade of Wizards @ Book My Wizard.


Introduce Yourself

Create a profile that showcases your expertise and know-how. Elaborate on how you're the best wizard on this planet. Highlight your previous experience, commercials, contact details, & your availability.

Book My Wizard is the largest online interactive platform that works with the principle to transform lives. Your expertise goes a long way in keeping our promise.


Be a Life-Changer

As you get enlisted as a Wizard, people start viewing your profile. Based on your interactive session, a solution seeker can rate your performance that gets showcased on your profile.

If your service is appreciated, it's a win-win situation for everyone. With higher ratings, you become eligible for the 'Relationship-Consulting' program. It also gives you a chance to scale up your bid amount.


Effective Usage of Communication Tools

Be it a standalone quick discussion or a series of interactive sessions - the platform is all yours. Use the communication tools as per your choice that makes your session lively, interactive, and valuable.

The more innovative & conversive you're, the easier it becomes to make a session lively. With a bunch of online tools readily available, this would be a 'never-experienced-before' interactive platform for the visitors.


Whoa, your Account is Credited!

Once you complete the scheduled online interactive session, the solution seekers pay the agreed commercial that is transferred to your account instantly through Book My Wizard.

While you create your profile, you enter your bid amount. This bid is highlighted amongst the users who bid for you. The objective is to ensure a seamless process.

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