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Aldenir da N.

  • Brazil
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About Me

Personal expression is our brand, development is essential, change, growth, new possibilities... Exceeding the limits of potentialities, opening spaces for new realities, which will auxiliary us and boost... Ideas, environments, people, relationships... mastery over yourself, mind, body, thoughts, skills and competences... Interact, connect, extensives and complementary experiences. Adding value requires consistency in building relationships. Upgrading mentalities, behavioral updates, how we relate and feel... Updating the hardware, processor or software is decisive for the effects , results and goals.

Language: English, Portuguese

TimeZone: America/Bahia

Education & Qualification

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Educational Qualification
Aldenir da Costa Nascimento
University / College
Colégio Ypiranga

Industries Worked In

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    O meu diferencial e perfil profissional destaca-se pelas experiências e valor agregado em segmentos diferenciados. Foco no cliente, atendimento personalizado, impulsionar, desenvolver relacionamentos, ampliar e maximizar soluções. Conectando, marcas, clientes e consumidores.