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Ali F.

  • Austria
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About Me

I’m a professional empowerment & leadership certified coach (CPC) and a member of International Coach Federation (ICF). Life is magic, and we all have superpowers. But to lead ourselves and those around us to the pick of our desires, we must unleash the magic within and elevate ourselves from a limited existence to an unlimited possibility. And for this to happen, one needs a wizard. The modern wizards are Coaches, and I’m a proud member of that community. Wanna see some magic, let’s book a free discovery session with me and know more!

Language: English, German, Persian

TimeZone: Europe/Vienna

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Graduate, Any other
Educational Qualification
Professional Certified Coach
University / College
International Coach Academy

Industries Worked In

  • Elevate iT Coaching

    Certified Professional Coach, ACC
    As a former CIO, CTO, board member, team leader and project manager I’ve coached, mentored and trained people from all over the world with different cultural and professional backgrounds. And then it happened: I’ve met my guru, Sadhguru, who transformed my life in ways beyond words. And I found my path. I quit my 6 figure C-Level, board member job and I reinvented myself as a transformational coach. I support people from all over the world in their journey towards growth and self fulfillment. My life couldn’t be better.