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Ana S.

  • Spain
  • Verified

About Me

I write translations with a language that anyone can easily understand. I compose texts so your company catches the right attention. As a language professional I help you to shape what you have in mind. I know how to speak and write in different languages and I also understand the cultures and people in those countries. 🌎 Give a Spanish voice to your business! You have the ideas, I create the words What I do: πŸ’» Translation & Localization β†’ Language adaptation to the audience, culture and project requirements. Deadlines on time! ✍️ Content writing β†’ Passion for writing, creativity and imagination to create outstanding messages for the Spanish audience. πŸ“ Copywriting β†’ It is important to communicate the correct message to attract more traffic and convert it into sales. πŸ“’ Languages: Spanish (native Spain), English and German. ➠ Specialisation areas: ∘ Technology ∘ Manual translation ∘ Gaming ∘ Marketing ∘ Artificial Intelligence ➠ Past projects include: ∘ Translation & content creation for VTech – electronic learning toys, computers and videogames. ∘ Artificial Intelligence (Bixby project) for Samsung Electronics. ➠ Collaborations & personal projects: πŸ“² β†’ Website written in English to help foreigners coming to Spain in their settlement in Spain. πŸ“– β†’ Bilingual blog about how to improve your English with helpful and useful tips, and articles translated into English or Spanish. πŸ“· β†’ Trinlingual photoblog (Spanish, English and German). You like what you see? ✦ Any project in mind?

Language: English, Spanish, German

TimeZone: Europe/Madrid

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
Postgraduate in Translation
University / College
Autonomous University Madrid

Industries Worked In

  • Freelance

    Translation, localization, content creation, copywriting - Spanish, English and German
    β€’ Connecting people through languages. β€’ Create original content in Spanish, English and German for a wide variety of projects: -> Write the course Inclusive Language for Translastars: -> Write posts - resources for an expat website: -> Write a personal language blog: β€’ Translate from English and German into Spanish: technology, apps, games, manuals, marketing. β€’ Translate into English the website EOS Arquitecture and Design: β€’ Volunteer translator at Unicef: brochures, presentations, articles.
  • Samsung Electronics

    Translator, localizer, content creator
    NLU (NLP) | NLG | Chatbot | Open Q&A | Content Creation β€’ Bixby proyect, Samsung virtual assistant. β€’ NLU/NLP - > Understanding how users will communicate with a virtual assistant. Ways it will comprehend the language and linguistic structures. β€’ NLG -> Creation of natural and original content for data bases within language generation. β€’ Chatbot y OpenQ&A -> Translation & creation of original content for databases. β€’ Proofread and test apps to ensure assistant quality. β€’ Assist ASR team: recording audios, editing utterances with CAS and Transverif programmes to develop voice recognition. β€’ Liaise with engineers: maintain, upgrade language in apps and improve virtual assistant capabilities and understanding. β€’ English into Spanish translation.
  • Freelance

    Trainer & Translator
    β€’ Motivate and improve students’ level 100%. β€’ Dynamic and practical activities to put into practice students’ knowledge. β€’ Taking into account their difficulties and make them easy to be solved β€’ Clear explanations, patience and activities focused on each level and group. β€’ Translation of not only texts but ideas to get a real and engaging document in the Spanish language.
  • VTech Electronics

    Translator | Localiser | Transcreator | Proofreader | Tester (EN->SP)
    β€’ Responsible for each project assigned: colours, cultural issues, language, images. β€’ Successful, motivating and engaging final toys and games. β€’ Create and adapt educational computer and videogames activities to the Spanish school curriculum. β€’ Translate: scripts, On Screen Text (OT), brochures, websites, manuals and boxes. β€’ Transcreate songs and marketing according to product features. β€’ Adapt language and content to meet company and country (Spain & LATAM) codes of practice. β€’ Structure information to have user friendly manuals and clear and appealing product descriptions on boxes. β€’ Contact voiceover professionals to record scripts and edit audio files for the product. β€’ Detailed proofreading and testing of all projects. β€’ Coordination and meetings with co-workers in Europe and main offices in China.