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Annunziata D. "There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self." Aldous Huxley

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About Me

Psychologist since 1997, in all these years I have perfected my skills and practices as a Counselor, Leadership Communication Trainer, Human Resource Manager, Certified Mindfulness Teacher IMTA, Coach, Design Thinker. My work consists in the design and management of coaching and personal development, management and organization paths, based on the assumptions of neuroscience, the psychology of emotions, psychosomatics, design thinking, and the ancient and wise practice of meditation known as Mindfulness. The red thread that runs through my experiences originates in the intimate search to combine the skills of conscience, emotional, psycho-physiological, the distinctive ones in social relationships and in the experience of well-being and happiness, with the more technical skills of managerial management, human resources, projects management. The integrated being: body, mind, spirit, capable of remaining in reality, of being and of making community, the unitary man who sees reciprocity and cooperation as a resource for development, knows, as Zamagni writes, that "L 'economy of communion is the way of hope ”. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Education - Degree in Psychologist, "La Sapienza" University, Rome, Italy, 1995 - Post Graduate "Principles of physiopathology and psychodynamics in respiratory rehabilitation", "La Sapienza" University, Rome, Italy, 1996. - Advanced Post Graduate: "Trance and short psychotherapy", Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, 1998. - Intensive course of Public Relations, CESMA, Milan, 1998. - Certified Mindfulness Teacher, International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA), 2020. - "Mindful Self-Compassion Program" and "MSC Circle of Practice". Center for MSC (Kristin Neff, Christopher K. Germer). - Post Graduate Professional Certification 'Emotional Intelligence and Leadership', Anáhuac University Network, Mexico. - Licensed NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Anthea Roma, 1999. - Master in Business, Marketing and Project Management, Life Learning, Italy, 2020. - Master in Human Resources Management, Master Meta, Rome, 1999. - Post graduate diploma in Coaching, CIPPAZ Corporation, Meddellin, Colombia.

Language: Spanish, Italian

TimeZone: Europe/Rome

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Graduate, Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
University / College
University of Rome "La Sapienza"

Industries Worked In

  • Mindful Feeling Academy

    Counseling Firm
    Mindful Feeling Academy is based in Italy but offers the following services globally in Italian and Spanish languages. We offer Coaching and Counseling for person and business through an empowerment approach. Coaching takes place in a series of breakthrough sessions targeting very specific changes. It is a solution-focused, results-orientated systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of performance. Counseling can be customized to fit the well-being needs, stress management, emotional integration and interpersonal relationship training. Both Coaching and Counseling regard organization, business, management and entrepreneurship too. Our consultations can address anything from strategic development and organizational issues to communication and leadership. - Online and face-to-face live psychological counseling: individual interviews, support, personal and professional guidance, psychology of emotions, anxiety management, psychosomatic and stress management, mindfulness. - Coaching, Personal branding, empowerment, self-esteem, effective communication. - Art therapy, body expression and mindfulness groups. - Psychology of work, consultancy for companies, planning and provision of training and orientation courses, also for public funds. - Design thinking, business creation, start-up coaching, marketing.
  • Una Mano Tesa Onlus

    Non-profit association
    Non-profit association Since 2008, based in Rome (Italy), the "Una Mano Tesa Onlus Association" has been operating according to the "practice of citizenship", developing actions supported and included in public policies according to the principle of subsidiarity in the broader vision of a solidary society oriented towards sustainable development with respect for people and environment. The Association promotes equal opportunities, social inclusion, art, culture, psychophysical health through social communication, conferences, training, guidance, theater and art therapy. It also offers legal assistance (lawyer) and psychological support (psychologist).

    Training and Information Technology Firm
    Formanager, based in Lecce (Italy), supports the growth of companies and professionals through the implementation of classroom and online training projects. Training Formanager responds in a Tailor Made logic to the evolution of the training needs of professionals, companies and public administrations. The training proposal is elaborated after a study and analysis phase in which the definition of the contents, the planning and the logistics of the training activities are shared with the managers of the organization. e-learning E-learning represents the best answer to the problems of access to knowledge for public bodies and companies. Formanager's offer of e-learning services makes use of SET - Single Entry Training, the Learning Management System that brings together in a single system all the processes of classroom training, e-learning, blended-learning and webinar that allows traceability direct and effective communication of all the activities, both individually and in groups, between students and trainers.