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Armando C.

  • Italy
  • Verified

About Me

45 year old entrepreneur, opened my first international company in Canada 22 years ago. I had lived in 12 countries and 30 cities. Expert in marketing with masters in Business. I speak 5 languages. I have had business from high-end jewelry stores, clothing, green nanotechnolgy swiss home product, entertainment world - adult beverages, new mobile payment worldwide platform, cryptocurrencies and high-end real estate and events. I am looking forward to share the little knowledge and business savvy I had acquited all these years 😊

Language: English, Spanish, Italian

TimeZone: Europe/Rome

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Graduate, Under Graduate, Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
University / College
McGill University, Canada

Industries Worked In

  • Inluxus Inc

    Co-founder of a luxury brand for real estate, concierge and lifestyle manager with UHNWIs all over the world, from Canada to Brazil, Sweden to Hong Kong. We have dealt with clients for the past years, from getting their dream home or vacation, to fullfilling their wildest dreams (dinner with a top famous musician or lunch on a famous yacht overlooking the most beautiful mediterranean landscapes)