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Edgar S.

  • Netherlands
  • Verified

About Me

25 years experience in airfreight and aviation in most ways except operational. building PC as hobby, extended knowledge of Excel and databases

Language: English, German, Dutch

TimeZone: Europe/Amsterdam

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Educational Qualification
University / College

Industries Worked In

  • Alitalia Cargo

    every aspect of airfreight from booking to finance to claims to flight planning Pricing and Marketing Analist with the goal to keep up with and match market rates both online and at Travel Agencies. Supervisor Inside Sales. Bench marking market rates. Data analyses for marketing purposes. Updating Head Office with market rates. Developing products. Set up marketing campaigns/barter contracts. Participating in local Sky Team meetings. Responsible for Sky Team newsletter.
  • Airbridgecargo

    Customer Service Commercial
    Import, export, customs, claims, sales, trucking Leading/coaching the trucking team including all relevant duties with the aim to optimize the trucking costs, OTP and providing a pleasant working environment for the team. Responsible for accurate rosters. Taken over responsible for import and tracing from Customer Service Operations. Data analyses to improve OTP and reduce costs. Setting up standards and working out procedures including writing manuals. Creating MS Excel sheets and files to reduce workload and increase efficiency. Assisting other departments (Customer Service Operations, Verification) when needed.