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erica b.

  • Singapore
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About Me

Pilates, Yoga, Meditation Instructor Functional Nutritionist Essential Oil Specialist World Traveler

Language: English

TimeZone: Asia/Singapore

Education & Qualification

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Under Graduate
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Samford University

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  • Erica Breen Pilates

    Erica Breen Pilates
    Erica is a life-long mover and forever student. She initially pursued a Pilates Comprehensive Certification because she loved the method and job flexibility. During her training, her mindset changed after suffering an injury and experiencing first-hand how Pilates can help the body overcome injury and pain. The success Erica had with this rehabilitation changed the way she moved her body, her outlook on life and subsequently her career path. . As a qualified Pilates instructor, Erica is deeply invested in learning each of her client’s physical needs and emotional challenges they face with their body. Erica has continued to undertake professional development courses to increase her understanding of the human body and how to achieve the best results for her clients. Erica’s area of expertise includes yoga, wellness coaching, functional nutrition, psychology, and numerous rehabilitation workshops. Erica has an amazing breadth of knowledge when it comes to the human body and its inner workings. Her training and own experience has fine-tuned her eye for understanding, detail and application. Erica is body-positive and her eye for proper body alignment is unparallel. She employs knowledge, drive and creativity in all of her classes. She encourages clients to have fun with Pilates and what the body can achieve in a safe environment. Erica loves teaching classes that leave clients feeling strong and positive about life. ​​ She is thrilled to be able to offer Zoom sessions and have the ability to travel and work with clients. An avid traveler, Erica has worked in studios across the globe and welcomes any opportunity.