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Gaurav S. The Communication Guy! | Content Writer | Marketer | Former Journalist | Aspiring Entrepreneur

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About Me

LinkedIn Profile Management | Content Writing | Public Relations No one is good at everything. As much as you think you may be in command of your core product offerings, chances are your messaging doesn't quite make the grade. I'm the conduit between brand and it's audience. I help businesses find the subject and platforms that'll best fit their unique identity and then I create content that meets their objectives. My specialties include consumer behavior, brand marketing, brand awareness, and omnichannel marketing campaigns. Email me at I read every email

Language: English, Hindi, Spanish, Russian

TimeZone: Asia/Kolkata

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Graduate, Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
English Journalism
University / College

Industries Worked In

  • BlockchainPR India

    Founder & CEO
    Develop and execute an effective public relations strategy to meet the business objectives within schedule and budget. Establish a media relations strategy, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media. Leverage existing media relationships and cultivate new contacts within industry media. Concept, write and publish press releases, newsletters, ads, blogs, and other digital and print materials, that resonates with the Company’s target market. Develop a cohesive strategy for and between the Company website, social media and other digital resources and media. Keep the Company website vital through constantly fresh and current content and design. Use marketplace insights to develop written and visual content that engages customers and prospects. Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice. Respond to messages, comments, and mentions on all platforms. Manage media inquiries and interview requests. Work Samples Startup-Funding-For-Its-Graduates/23-08-2019-175160/ opportunity-entrepreneurs-across-world/ sovereign-identity-news-finance-tfqs36hggiifd.html revenues-with-all-users-myearthid-s-aggarwal persons-prefer-learning-english-from-utter-app-8597.html
  • Host Games & MadOverPoker

    Senior Content Strategist & Writer
    Increased revenues and supported business goals by developing public relations strategies and campaigns. Created unified messaging of public relations efforts in conjunction with advertising campaigns by working closely with marketing peers. Drafted press releases detailing relevant newsworthy information and supporting brand image, and worked with news media to spread positions. Oversaw professional social media messaging through content development, follower engagement, social listening, trend analysis and by leveraging competitor research. Engaged in professional networking to maintain strong relationships with communications and media professionals to drive partnerships and effective dissemination of mass communications. Monitored social media and online sources for industry trends.
  • Financial Express

    Senior Correspondent - Startups
  • EVC Ventures

    Marketing Analyst & Senior Content Writer
    Writing Articles (On behalf of VCs) Getting those articles published in media publications like Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Economic Times etc Increased credibility and client awareness by developing technical/non-technical marketing collateral and presentations, public relations campaigns, articles and newsletters. Maximized advertising efforts by developing content for media relations, corporate communications and social media posts. Event Management and Vendor management Social Media Management Conceptualising & Executing Social Media Campaigns Social Media Engagement (Inorganic - Unpaid campaigns) Content SEO Online Reputation Management Website Content Speeches for events Maintaining Blogs
  • Business Insider

    Senior Correspondent - Startups & Technology
    Wrote, edited and produced stories for multiple platforms, including Internet and digital channels. Followed through on beat sources, contacts and leads to gather information for stories Applied understanding of public opinion, social media and traditional media use to create engaging and attention-grabbing stories. Wrote pieces and news stories for online publication, coordinating images and layout to ensure proper presentation. Evaluated and followed up on news leads and news tips to develop story ideas. Work Samples DumpingkillingIndianStartups/articleshow/57126105.cms
  • Iamwire

    Startup Analyst
    Generate primary as well as secondary research based content for business professionals on diverse subjects spanning Digital Business and Technology. Interview entrepreneurs and investors regularly to keep up with the market and strengthen my professional network. Create inhouse editorials on market trends. Write extensively on the growing phenomenon of business automation, innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, The Internet of Things, Cloud, Cryptography etc. Investigate the startup ecosystem and cover relevant news related to activities like fund raising, acquisitions and mergers. Focus on sectors like e-commerce, Hyperlocal, FinTech, HealthTech among others. Cover startup events and business symposiums across states. Carry out responsibilities like Copyediting and Proofreading. Handle iamwire’s social media pages Work Samples artcreation-gaming- companies/134311 commercecompanies-nlp/137707
  • Focus News India (News World India)

    Proposing Story Ideas Writing & Editing news stories of all beats, including the likes of politics, technology, business, entertainment, generic news, and exclusive interview stories Uploading stories and slide shows on WordPress Social media management
  • NewsX

    Content Writer
    Proposing Story Ideas Writing & Editing news stories of all beats, including the likes of politics, technology, business, entertainment, generic news, and exclusive interview stories Uploading stories and slide shows on WordPress Social media management
  • NDTV

    Research on topics for shows like The Big Fight by Vikram Chandra, We the people by Barkha Dutt, and Humlog by Ravish Kumar. Discussing and explaining topics to the audience. Taking questions from the audience and discussing them with anchor Audience Research