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Kristina G.

  • Malta
  • Verified

About Me

I'm Kristina and I help businesses build a stronger online presence, reach a wider audience and promote their brand with content writing and translation.

Language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian

TimeZone: Europe/Malta

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Educational Qualification
BA (Hons) Spanish and Latin American Studies
University / College
University of Malta

Industries Worked In

  • Freelance/ Self- employed

    Freelance Health & Psychology Writer | Translator
    Hi, I'm Kristina! I'm a freelance Health & Psychology writer and Spanish- English- Maltese translator, specialising in content writing that helps online businesses build a stronger online presence, reach a wider audience and promote their brand. What do I do? ✔Create a marketing strategy to help you boost your online presence. ✔I write SEO-driven content to help you gain authority in your niche and publish content that your potential clients might be searching for. ✔As a translator I help you reach a wider audience and increase your clients' database. Who do I work with? I work with entrepreneurs and companies that: ● Want to invest in their business. ● Want to target their prospects the RIGHT way through content writing and translation. ● Are entering the English or Spanish market. When you work with me you'll get: ★ Search engine optimization to help your website generate more traffic and help you gain authority in your industry. ★ Pitch blog/ article ideas- you're a busy business owner. You don't have time to research the topics your audience wants to hear about. ★ Format/ structure- As a professional writer I'll make sure that the titles of your blog posts attract social media clicks, be it in English, Spanish or Maltese.