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Magda T.

  • United Kingdom
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About Me

Trainer, entrepreneur, life long learner, coffee lover. Certified Trainer - Process Communication Model - a tool for stress management, self awareness and better communication. Neuroscience aficionado.

Language: English, Romanian

TimeZone: Europe/London

Education & Qualification

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Educational Qualification
Masters in European Studies, Economics
University / College
College of Europe

Industries Worked In

  • Zen Life Ltd.

    Zen Life Ltd.
    We specialise in training in Stress Management, Self-Awareness and Communication, with a Neuroscience flavour. My personal WHY: I help people lead better lives, through better self-awareness, better communication and improved stress management. WHAT I do: Process Communication Model® Workshops and 1:1 Coaching Applied Neuroscience Webinars – focussed on well-being, stress management, resilience, building trust, etc. Blog Writer (about PCM and Neuroscience) – at: Summary of my business experience: International Trainer and Facilitator – Process Communication Model®, Neuroscience Aficionado Global Management and Consultancy roles in areas like: Employee Engagement, Communication, Strategy and Planning