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Manoj S.

  • United States
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About Me

Business-centric Chief Technology Officer with a proven ability to create revenue and competitive advantage through innovative, market-driven IT products and services. Galvanizes technology and business teams through clear communication and alignment with enterprise goals. Demonstrated success in building teams, organizations and IT-based business solutions for Fortune 100s, midsized companies and small startups. Noted for:  Enterprise Transformation: Repositioned two companies as innovative software solutions providers with formal development organizations, processes and practices. Introduced Agile, scrum and SDLC management functionality to improve delivery quality and customer satisfaction.  Product Development and Services Delivery: Created and commercialized software products across various domains, FinTech, identity management, data analytics, and more. Leveraged AI, IoT, machine learning and blockchain technologies to enhance existing products, define new offerings and enter new markets.  Team and Organization Building: Established software engineering organization, created India-based development team and built Product Management, Data Processing, Quality Assurance and DevOps departments from the ground up. Expertise Spanning Technology and Business Domains  Software Engineering  Data and Software Operations  Biometrics  Product Development  Product Strategy  Project Management  Innovation  DevSecOps  Organization Building  Business Development  Vendor Management  DevOps  Consulting  IT Architecture  Technology Infrastructure  Digital Identity Management  SDLC Management  PKI  HSPD-12  Smartcard  SaaS  Cloud(AWS, Azure)  Blockchain  IoT  AI  Web Services

Language: English, Hindi

TimeZone: America/New_York

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Graduate, Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation
University / College
MIT Sloan School of Management

Industries Worked In

  • CertiPath

    Recruited to reposition CertiPath as a leading identity management software product developer. Spearheaded product development and managed all software/hardware integrated product offerings including TrustVisitor, TrustMonitor, TrustManager, Trusted Authentication Gateway (TAG) and DLT Gateway. Defined software development processes, managed third-party vendor relationships, directed support operations, implemented innovative technologies and oversaw large-scale federal contracts.  Transformed CertiPath from a digital services company to software product developer.  Established software engineering organization, recruited team and defined internal processes. Instilled agile scrum methodology with CI/CD pipelines, DevOps and DevSecOps processes and infrastructure. The infrastructure used AWS public cloud.  Developed and delivered Visitor Management system that positioned CertiPath as a major player in the identity management software space. The system supports smartcards, biometrics and prox wireless security.  Delivered (and received highest performance review) on 18-month Homeland Security turnkey software application project. The implementation used smartcards and biometric security for user authentication.  Delivered on a strategic DHS spondored project (DLT Gateway) for Blockchain data integration and analytics using Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchain technologies with integration with AzureSphere IoT devices for realtime data capture and processing. The system utilized the Azure public cloud services.
  • Aristotle

    Initially recruited to web-enable and drive flagship data analytics product (Aristotle 360) to market. Led efforts to establish software engineering as a formal discipline with high-quality, predictable software delivery cycles. Promoted in 2010 to build out new departments, grow the IT organization, formalize technology structures/practices and oversee entire IT footprint. Spearheaded product development and data architecture, services (SaaS) delivery, mobile/social networking-related product enhancements and international IT operations. Evaluated acquisitions from an IT perspective and guided software development team through evaluating technology alternatives for new product and feature development. Selected and managed offshore vendors, negotiated SLAs and led M&A acquisition integrations.  Orchestrated numerous enterprise transformations to include:  Repositioning Aristotle as a major market player, growing SaaS offerings into the company’s largest revenue generator and helping to double total company revenue from 2008 to 2014.  Establishing formal Product Management, Data Processing, Quality Assurance and DevOps departments.  Architecting data processing infrastructure and formalizing the data group’s internal structure and processes. The infrastructure used both public and private cloud resources.  Enabling 24/7 operations by building 30-member, India-based offshore Engineering and Operations center from the ground up.  Transformed Software Engineering into a professionally managed, process-driven organization:  Grew eight-member team into a 60-person geographically distributed software engineering organization.  Clearly defined IT roles and processes with centrally managed version control, bug tracking, and quality and requirements management system.  Introduced Agile Scrum process and launched multiple versions of new products, including Campaign Manager, AI 360 for PACs and Grass Roots, Check Request System for PACs and Mobile Apps for fundraising.  Operationalized a comprehensive network of hardware and software assets enabling Aristotle to process terabytes of data on a monthly basis.
  • Infomosaic

    Founder - CEO
    Co-founded international IT services and consulting firm to help companies build and manage software solutions. Oversaw product development, client engagement and delivery, directed business development efforts, identified and managed projects, and negotiated and signed new clients in the financial, semiconductor, communications and public services sectors. Collaborated with clients to define solution requirements and strategies, develop application prototypes, review performance and functionality and manage offshore development resources. Actively participated on OASIS Digital Signature Service (DSS) and OASIS eNotarization technical committees (TC).  Developed and launched proprietary product line of secure digital services (20+ releases) including:  Infomosaic SecureWebsign Server, enabling organizations to create, sign, store, access and manage the lifecycle of legally binding electronic documents.  Infomosaic SecurePIV, a web-based FIPS 201 Compliant PIV Registration System to help government agencies meet the HSPD-12 compliance.  Infomosaic Secure XML Digital Signature Toolkit (C++, COM/ActiveX, OpenSSL, Mozilla Crypto Framework/NSS, JNI, Java, XML Signature and Encryption) and Infomosaic SecureSign Desktop Document Signer (C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET Web Services Client, Windows Forms).  Suite of Infomosaic SecureForm Designer (C#) products.  Architected, designed and developed secure commercial applications for use on Infomosaic website, including a digital signature verification web service, SecureXML/SecureSign production license management web service and application, download management system and others.  Architected Global Entity Management system that became the backbone of a major financial institution’s next-generation content distribution infrastructure; delivered overarching software strategy that enabled financial client to optimize software assets across its content technology business units.  Developed client solutions for signing XML and other unstructured data using smart card-based digital credentials; helped clients bring to market and evolve software product offerings.