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Maria M.

  • Cyprus
  • Verified

About Me

“A passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic, high-energy, results-driven and focused individual, committed to coaching, directing and helping others to develop themselves, both at a personal and a professional level” My inspiring and positive attitude allows me to empower people and to direct, guide, and help them to turn their aims and objectives into tangible realities. My action and results orientated approach, by identifying issues and defining concrete goals, helps generate motivation and optimism within others, and encourages and stimulates them to achieve their highest levels of confidence, potential and performance. My uniqueness and successful results are based on my ability to be able to operate with an instinctive intuition that comes directly from the heart. My non-judgemental and empathetic nature, and appreciation of individuality, allow me to create a personal connection, effectively communicate with others, and actively listen to their thoughts, concerns, and ideas. The trainings, seminars, and coaching that I offer, have at their core the individual, through his personal development, any personal or corporate goal can be leveraged and achieved faster and with permanent results. It is my absolute belief that most of today’s individuals don’t really have a lack of specific knowledge, this has already been obtained through their academic years or from specific seminars and trainings. The challenge is for this specific knowledge to now be applied. And this is what I specialize in: assisting individuals, groups, and corporations to eliminate the gap between knowing and doing.

Language: English, French, Greek

TimeZone: Asia/Nicosia

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Graduate, Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
TIR Certified Consultant
University / College
Proctor Gallagher Institute

Industries Worked In

  • Hermes Airports

    Handling of local airports
    All employees training for a period of 4 months. The opportunity for one-to-one coaching was also given. The target of this training was for the employees to develop skills so that can increase productivity and improve their performance. Video testimonial of this trainning the here below