One-to-One Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Consultant

Neelakanth M.

  • Netherlands
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About Me

Hi! My name is Neel, coffee enthousiast, but moreover a marketing and business automation teacher! In the past years I have been guiding multiple organizations with creating data driven marketing funnels and use the right software and tools to create an infrastructure that works efficiently and specific in the Digital Data Age.

Language: English, Dutch

TimeZone: Europe/Amsterdam

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
University / College
The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Industries Worked In

  • PixelX

    Marketing Manager
    PixelX is a digital marketing agency, based in The Netherlands, that primarily focusses on the creation of video content for companies and using the content to build strong experience funnels collecting the right data from the right place and match all data to create a synergetic workflow. We have also been teaching multiple companies to work with business automation software themselves
  • World of Latte Art

    World of Latte Art is an online community that primarily focuses on spreading the passion for coffee and latte art around the world. For barista's, WOLA offers latte art trainings on location, but also offers multiple online lessons on how to make beautiful latte art. Till the moment of typing this, we have been teaching over 4.000 students worldwide.