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Nicholas B. Devils' Advocate, Decision Facilitator and Deal Mediator for high stakes decision, deals, acquisitions and investments. Coaching CEOs and Entrepreneurs to help New Ventures succeed.

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About Me

Dr. Nicholas Beecroft is a Strategic Advisor, Executive Coach and Military Psychiatrist with 25 years’ experience coaching CEOs, Fund Managers, Senior Partners and Top Teams on deals, decisions, new ventures, strategy, pitches, leadership, relationships and performance enhancement. He challenges visionary Leaders and Entrepreneurs with his Devil's Advocate process to help them succeed by thoroughly testing their business proposition, leadership team, deals, decisions and strategy and getting them ready to raise investment. His King's Speech process rigorously prepares them to pitch. He works with investors to optimise their decision making with rigorous Devils' Advocate testing of potential investments. He facilitates leaders, investors and decision makers to take high value, high risk, high reputation decisions with his unique Decision Facilitation process. He facilitates deals as a trained Commercial Mediator. Nicholas is a master at asking powerful questions. He coaches leaders to get clarity, maximise performance, generate new ideas, improve relationships, resolve conflicts and improve leadership. He bring things to a head, gets to the bottom of things, overcomes obstacles and stimulates breakthroughs. He is a pioneer in Organic Leadership- aligning the individual and organisation with human nature using a unique set of tools he has created, including Authentic Performance Measures which drive business evolution, performance, quality, transparency and culture transformation. Nicholas trained as a doctor at Guy's and St Thomas' Medical School in London. He gained a BSc in psychology at University College London. He trained as a psychiatrist at the Maudsley and Bethlem Royal Hospitals and is a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has an MBA from London Business School. He is accredited as a commercial mediator by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution(CEDR). After 9/11, he became an expert in the psychology of international relations and security. He is a Member of the Royal College of Defence Studies, the world's premier college of international strategic leadership. He is Founder of the Future of Western Civilization Project and author of Analyze West and the New Magna Carta.

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TimeZone: Europe/London

Education & Qualification

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Educational Qualification
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London Business School

Industries Worked In

  • Adan Corporate

    * Coached the Principal of a Family Office, avoiding a £21million loss. * Delivered Leadership Development Programme, MOD * Coached CEO through negotiation * Coached CEO to raise £250m investment * Red Teamed US Department of Defense Iran strategy. * Mediation: Hedge Fund Partners * Coached a political leader * Evaluated NHS Top Team performance * Strategy to improve the British-Syrian Relationship, FCO * Assessed CEOs for investors * Advised DFID Minister on empowerment and influence * Consulted to the British Council on public diplomacy * Pioneered mindfulness training in the military * Advised Middle Eastern government on conflict strategy * Mediation: US & Chinese Military Officers on South China Sea * Training Israeli National Defence College * Training diplomats & military officers * Training Defence Intelligence * Pioneered Authentic Outcome Measures- Defence Medical Services * Appreciative Inquiry into Royal Navy Morale, Authority and Leadership * Shackleton Division Naval leadership programme * Track 2 Diplomacy, Wilton Park- Immigration into Europe, state-building, public diplomacy, peace building, Islamic radicalisation and counter-terrorism, British-German Forum, EU Common Foreign and Security Policy * Defence Academy research on Foreign Policy & Engaging the Islamic World * Contributed to Lord Carter's review of British Public Diplomacy * Briefed Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, on a psychological strategy for counter-terrorism, bilateral relations, public diplomacy, British-Syrian relations, British-German relations, influence and diplomats training * Evidence to House of Commons Cttee on Foreign Relations * Advised German Foreign Ministry * Britishness & Immigration Report for Home Office * Facilitated dialogue between China & NATO * Audited Communications: Johannesburg City Council * McKinsey & Company- enhancing client engagement and merger implementation * British Gas- Senior executives conflict resolution * Advised PLC Chairman on board crisis
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    Partner Coach
    Wisdom8 works with great leaders to help them realise their true potential. We challenge them to play a bigger game and make more of success as they define it. Board development is our business. We offer an exclusive service for CEOs, Senior Directors and Executive Teams within cross-cultural, fast growth companies. Our 1:1 executive offerings and top team coaching programmes are designed around their specific needs and challenges.
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  • Ministry of Defence

    Military Psychiatrist
    Military Psychiatrist working with the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force - leadership, resilience, risk management, performance, fitness, mental health, anxiety & stress management, wellness, discipline, behaviour and personality. Assessing and treating mental illness. Advising Chain of Command on Leadership, Performance, Discipline, Motivation, Morale and Temperamental Suitability. Authentic Outcome Measures. Leadership assessment and development. Psychological Warfare. Hybrid Warfare. Psychology of International relations, Track 2 diplomacy. Public Diplomacy.
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