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Nkongnenwi A.

  • Cameroon
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About Me

Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. He is confident in his ability to come up with interesting ideas for an unforgettable product and team. Some applications of his skills can be demonstrated in product development, project management, the use of JIRA and ASANA, effective communication and as a transitioned software Engineer.

Language: English, French

TimeZone: Africa/Douala

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Educational Qualification
Information Technology
University / College
Catholic University Institute of Buea

Industries Worked In

  • LARA Consortium

    Project coordinator || Software Engineer || Data Analyst
    - Organized and maintained relationship with stakeholders - Manage finance and project Budget - Manage the planning and development of design and metrics report - Develop new reports and delegate task to team members - Perform market analysis to efficiently achieve objective, increasing sales by 24% - Collect feedback in regards to product release - Monitored and perform software testing - Risk assessment analysis
  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

    Risk analyst || Technical writer
    - Technical Assessment of product - Software requirement specifications writing - Measured the effectiveness of said campaigns - Performed quantitative and qualitative risk on educational platform - Reduce risk by 34% - Re-evaluated decision tree of product
  • Research for Development (R4D) International

    Software Engineer || Data Analyst
    - Successfully interpreted data in order to draw conclusions for managerial actions and strategies - Used Tableau to present data in visual format - Research and analysis of product risk - Performed Automated and manual test on different software product - Proposed solutions to improve system efficiencies and reduce total expenses
  • New Generation Technology (NGT)

    Software Engineer || Data Analyst
    - Used Object Detection techniques to train car model - Analyst the data collected by the trained model to make decisions on the road - Performed market analysis on Scholar and 3IN1 - Cross product team collaboration - Software development - Software testing - Communicating with stakeholders to ensure product meets users specification and is delivered within time and budget. - Research and analysis of product risk - While working on the product Scholar, my team and I had 38.5% product growth within 6 months
  • Etoko Womens Association

    Product Manager || Monitoring and evaluation officer
    - Define product roadmap - Monitor and evaluate product progress - Performed market research - Reduce risk by 95% in 6 months - Responsible for the Product design - Coordination and implementation of the monitoring and evaluation - Research, and learning framework of the Product. - Develop baseline data for each project component and for all project indicators
  • Samicam CIG

    Communication Manager || Product manager || Secretory
    - Communicating with stakeholders to ensure product meets users specification and is delivered within time and budget. - Research and analysis of product risk - Cross project team coach Monitoring and evaluation - Tutor and trainer - Responsible for both product planning and product marketing - Managing the product throughout the Product Lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with engineering, to deliver winning products.