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Shafeeq H.

  • India
  • Verified

About Me

Analytical, well experienced Information Technology consultant. Immersed in technology and technical solutions since the advent of personal computers. Image and Video editor - well versed with post processing techniques and software.

Language: English, Hindi

TimeZone: Asia/Kolkata

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
Masters of Business Administration
University / College
University of Melbourne, Australia

Industries Worked In

  • CONFIDENTIAL, Dubai Government

    Senior Specialist Information Technology
    Managed infrastructure development for all data center deployments, including the cloud, hosted, and on-premises. Designed network architecture and established infrastructure, core technologies and systems enterprise. Spearheaded use of open source software as a cost-effective way to achieve organisational technology needs.  Designed offshore development model for rapid and cost effective means of creating systems.  Led project to create strong web-based tourism brand for Dubai: “Definitely Dubai”.  Developed an online platform to deliver training to overseas tour operators in 8 regions and ~15K trainees.  Wrote and presented an introduction to DTCM’s e-Service strategy to ~600 key delegates.  Established core IT processes that complied with ISO 9001:2008 and part of the internal audit team.  Introduced enterprise email through Microsoft Exchange in 2000; migrated email system from Microsoft Exchange 2000 through to Exchange 2013.  Part of the team nominated for Dubai Government Excellence Awards 2014.  IT Governance Assurance Forum Champion for the Department 2009.  Led a small team to develop HRMS system.  Created a Payables Management System.  Nominated for Dubai Government Excellence Awards in 2007.