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Shawn B.

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About Me

An experience team of accountants and bookkeepers, providing a full range of comprehensive Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to small, medium and startup businesses. Our reputation has been built on offering expert advice, improving the standard and delivery of service while meeting clients needs. If you are looking to hire an Accountant, Bookkeeper or Payroll Specialist for your business, please contact us or visit our website at We will like to answer your questions that you may have and gladly serve you.

Language: English

TimeZone: America/New_York

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BPP University

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  • BondEsq Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

    Remote Services - Online
    Industries we work with Hospitality | Construction | Manufacturing | Retail | Wholesale | Information Technology | Health Care | Education | Transportation | Non-profit Business types we serve ✔ Restaurants | Bars | Cafés ✔ Textile ✔ Plumbing | Electrical | Carpentry ✔ Bath & Cosmetic Supplies ✔ Landscaping ✔ Painters and other Skill Laborers ✔ Automotive ✔ General Maintenance & Service