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Silvia M.

  • Germany
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About Me

Hypnotherapist, Emotionset Coach, NLP-Practitioner, Motivational Speaker and Co-Founder of OCC. Silvia is a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP-Practitioner, and IHK-Trainer. She loves to motivate and inspire people with wit and humor and to support them with the right coaching tools until they have reached their goal. Today she looks back with joy, pride, and gratitude on over 3000 satisfied clients and over 280 workshops. Silvia gained her first experience as a host in 2018 for an online depression congress. There she had the opportunity to interview scientific speakers, doctors and therapists. 2020/2021 she created OCC - Online Coaching Congress - and launched it with her 2 other Co-Founders. Silvia trained in retail, where she was also part of the expansion and optimisation team, as well as department manager and was responsible for purchasing and people management.

Language: English, German

TimeZone: Europe/Berlin

Education & Qualification

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Educational Qualification
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Industries Worked In

  • Independent

    Hypnotherapist/Emotionset Coach
    Conducting 1:1 coaching sessions using my developed "Idiolectic Reprogramming" method. Based on the knowledge of Idiolectics, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and other important methods that deeply and quickly penetrate the subconscious and leads to rapid personal and professional changes. Thereby 2 criteria are always in the first place for me: ⨀ To accompany my clients to independence ⨀ To show my clients the power of their emotions **Idiolectic is a special form of communication developed to get to the core of the patient/client in therapies with short, open, and direct questions. The Idiolectic means translated "individual personal language ", and is based on the knowledge that every human being develops his/her vocabulary due to culture, school, parents, further social imprints, and role models. Thanks to Idiolectic, "foreign" affirmations or afformations do not have to be learned for the mind and the subconscious to influence. Idiolectic shortens implementation by approximately 14 days.
  • Multiple academies

    Career Coach/Personal Growth/Workshop Leader
    Development and implementation of various workshops on the topic: career, change of career perspective, and self-marketing. Development of various self-coaching methods* Develop a 13 step "Change your Career Perspective" guide* Development of a 4-step guide for the improvement of the USP and the calculation of the own market value*
  • TÜV

    Economy Lecturer
    Guidance of merchandise management process flows** Execution of sales trainings** Monitoring, guidance, and execution of tests in the merchandise management process flow** Merchandise management, PC training, sales training, communication training, Mentoring