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Simon F.

  • United Kingdom
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About Me

I'm currently Digital Lead at Hamilton-Brown in London. I work with brands, user experiences, interfaces, systems, products and education.

Language: English

TimeZone: Europe/London

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Any other
Educational Qualification
BTEC Photography/Fine art
University / College

Industries Worked In

  • Hamilton-Brown

    Digital Lead
    I'm currently Digital Lead at Hamilton-Brown in Farringdon, London. I work with a wide range of global clients on brands, user experiences, interfaces, systems and digital products. I also speak on design and hold classes and workshops in modern digital design.
  • Simon Foster Design

    Lead designer
    As an independent studio I specialised in intuitive, easy to use and beautiful responsive websites for projects both large and small that work on any type and size of device. My work had a heavy leaning towards simplicity and typography with a gimmick free focus on content and concise communication.