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Sorina D.

  • Ireland
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About Me

I'm a Certified Health and Wellness Coach My goal is to improve lives and make a difference. Whether it’s guiding my clients towards better health or supporting them to change their lifestyle and experience what happiness and fulfillment feels like.

Language: English, Romanian

TimeZone: Europe/Dublin

Education & Qualification

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Educational Qualification
Higher Certificate in Psychology
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The Open University

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  • Welllness Journey

    Health and Wellness Coaching
    I'm a Romanian girl that moved from cold Belgium to rainy Ireland in 2007. My wellness journey started twelve years ago when I took a trip to Dublin and decided to make Ireland home. But the greatest change happened in 2016 when I qualified as a Health and wellness coach, got divorced and had a small heart intervention (not the first one). A year to remember! But it changed my life (for the better). I discovered who I really was and loved myself for the first time. I found reasons to look after myself, learnt to see joy in the small things and I smile much more often since. Fast forward four years and I have completely changed my lifestyle. I've started exercising ( literally walked into a gym for the first time, at age of 36), practice new eating habits and I have a completely new outlook on life. Despite my heart issues, I have managed to live a normal life without the need of medication. I am content and happy. I have just turned 40 and feel better than when I was 25. I am dedicated to helping and supporting others to take control of their lives and achieve their highest level of health and well-being possible.