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Takis A. Use proven strategies, reliable technology and proven ideas to achieve your personal and professional goals

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About Me

I am a business consultant, author and trainer. I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers to achieve their goals, make a living, and grow their business.

Language: English, Greek

TimeZone: Europe/Athens

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Post Graduate
Educational Qualification
Takis Athanassiou
University / College
University of Hull

Industries Worked In

  • Takis Athanassiou Blog

    Founder and Owner
    I am the founder, owner and chief editor of the award-winning blog It is a blog focused on helping people achieve their goals and sport proven methods, models, and strategies for personal and professional growth. The blog focused on leadership, productivity, personal development, small business development strategies, and business scalling and growth.

    Business Consultant
    Business consulting on specific projects in the areas of learning and business training. Focus on human development, corporate training, learning material and course development, learning assets and integrated blended learning strategy recommendations.
  • Athens Technology Center

    Business Consultant
    Focus on e-learning projects for the public sector and the development of human capital. Special responsibilities on Management, Designing and Development of IT Services in e-Learning sector, Designing and Development of e-Learning Software & Content, Designing and Development of Business & e-Learning software & Services, strategic development and implementation.

    e-Business Unit Director
    Head of e-business and e-learning unit of the company with main responsibilities the running of the department, the development of the unit and of the unit's participants, the assumption and implementation of new projects and the contribution to the strategic goals of the company. Other responsibilities were the designing and development of IT Services, the designing and development of e-Learning software, applications, & content, the marketing and sales, the branding, the pre-sales and sales, the designing and development of business, the development of e-Learning and Commercial applications in Internet / Intranet environment, the participation at the monitoring and implementation of European & Greek National Projects, the Implementation of Studies and projects related to training, vocational training, as well as Distance Learning operations.