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Wolfgang A.

  • Austria
  • Verified

About Me

I'm a professional photographer and filmmaker. I love experimenting and learning much more than just shooting the same things over and over. That way and creating videos for my youtube channel photo1x1 (, I have gathered more knowledge than I would have done if I were just shooting weddings only, portraits only or landscapes only. Having said that, I shoot weddings (won the Austrian Wedding Award 2020 for one of our wedding videos), portraits, lifestyle, fashion, product, landscape,... That keeps me motivated and whenever I get back into the office after shooting I cannot wait to see the results and edit the images. The next thing I really love is teaching and helping others learn. People say I have a talent of easily explaining complicated things. That's probably because I'm a lazy person - I streamline everything and anything for the best and fastest possible result.

Language: English, German

TimeZone: Europe/Vienna

Education & Qualification

Graduate Level
Educational Qualification
Photography Master Degree (Mst)
University / College

Industries Worked In

  • Amriphoto & video

    I have been self-employed as a freelance photographer as long as I can think. Amriphoto is my own company that I have together with my wife for more than 15 years. In all those years, we only had one single customer complaint. We underpromise and overdeliver.